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About me

I’ve been engaged in photography for 8 years. The most interesting part of it is to turn idea where the core subject is a person into reality. Sometimes I pass hundreds of kilometers for a good shoot and assiduously prepare props for a photo shoot. A seperate area of my work is wedding and reportage photography. A fundamental principle during such photo shoots not to interrupt into the process but to be an integral part of it. Moreover I’m involved in videography, landscape photography and even doing subject photography. I’m open to any kind of creative projects and commercial orders.


I am fascinated in creating an unordinary image and to reveal a person’s side he does not even know about. My favourite photography area is a portrait genre. Apart from a digital photograpy I am also interested in an analog photo and videoography. I had several local exhibitions and a dozen publications in the press.

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Phone: +79535277432 | +79814008575

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get to your photo shoot?

It is simple: just get in touch in a convenient for you way (phone, direct message in Facebook or Vkontakte, website feedback form)

I want to have a photo shoot but I don't know which one I want exactly...

That’s not a problem for me. My models are not professinals but just usual people who don’t know how to pose correctly. I’ll help to choose the image, do a make up and find everything we need for the photo shoot.

Do you have free of charge photo shoot?

Yes, I often have free photo shoots of the ideas and image I am fascinated. I’m interested in any model’s type. However there is one little requirment for our convenient and productive work together. We should lay ourselves out jointly. Moreover when to decide to take part in an art photo shoot you should be confident not be against the publication of the photos in my portfolio.

What are the charges per hour?

There are lots of different circumstances in a specific photo shoots and the conditions are also very different (how many people will be involved, is the makeup necessary etc.). We will decide the exact price as we would define our needs thoroughly.

Спасибо за заявку! Мы обязательно с Вами свяжемся.