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I am always looking for an interesting people and often making photo shots based on conditions of TFP (time for photo). I am interested in any types of models. What does TFP mean in practice? You would receive 10-15 corrected photos for free and aprove of using these photos at my descretion in return (to publish them on website, social networks or make them a part of exhibitions or selling them). There are some conditions for our cooperation to be efficient. First of all you should approve the style and the way I am taking the photo shoots. The second point is that the period of correctioning of art photography is much longer as my priority is to correct commercial photos. And the third point is the more complex the idea is the bigger the expenses will be (we could take them on a mutual basis). The most common example of this is the rent of a studio. If such conditions do not scare you and you’d like to cooperate with me please download the model release and get in touch with me via the most convenient for you way. We will create the beauty together. 🙂

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For Models

My works

For Models

Frequently asked questions

How to get to your photo shoot?

It is simple: just get in touch in a convenient for you way (phone, direct message in Facebook or Vkontakte, website feedback form)

What is the model release?

It is a legal document concluded between a model and a photographer. A model permits a photographer (in this case it is me) to use these photos in my own discretion. E.g. for exhibitions, sales and other purposes. If a model is under 18 years old the model release is signed by his or her parents. That is the essential part – I do not have photo shots with model under 18 without his or her parents’ approval.

When my photos will be ready?

Я прекрасно понимаю, что вы хотите быстрее увидеть результаты совместной работы. Я тоже! К сожалению, далеко не всегда у меня есть время на обработку творческих съемок. Очень часто я делаю 2-3 кадра в течение недели после съемки, а остальное отдаю в течение 3-4 месяцев. Иногда съемки обрабатываются через полгода. Иногда (если ничего интересного не получилось) я творческие съемки не обрабатываю. Правда, последнее – явление редкое 🙂

And what about the money?

We should spend not only the energy and time but also money quite often. E.g. to rent a studio, hair dress or to pay for picking up to the photo shoot place. In such situation we take these expenses on mutal basis or the model take it at his or her own.

Get in contact with me through the feedback form.

Fill your details and I’ll get in touch with you throughout a day:

Спасибо за заявку! Мы обязательно с Вами свяжемся.